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Participation in SWIG406
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What is SWIG406?

SWIG406 is an awesome mobile app that was launched by MTA in mid-2018 to help promote local taverns and the incredible Montana-crafted beverages they serve. It introduces the consumes to new places and new products in a fun location-based phone app. This is MTA's ONLY fundraiser and the participation of our members helps keeps your dues affordable and your trade association services innovative.

Who can have a profile on SWIG406?

Montana licensed beverage establishments. 

What does it cost to participate in SWIG406?

  • MTA members get a SWIG406 profile at no extra cost, it's included in your membership.
  • Non-MTA members can pay $500 annually to participate but you must be a licensed retail beverage establishment. 

How to Participate in SWIG406

It's easy to start a SWIG406 profile

  1. Contact MTA at 406.442.5040 and say "Hey! I want to be part of SWIG406!"
  2. Email your logo to No logo? No problem! MTA staff will help you. 
  3. Work with MTA staff to write a short description that highlights the cool things about your establishment and why people should come check it out.
  4. Decide how often you want to give away a free drink on SWIG: once a month? Once a year? Every 2 months? It's up to you.
  5. Watch 3 short training videos to understand how to work in SWIG406 to add events, pictures and reasons for customers to come visit. Don't worry! The videos are only 11 minutes long (total) and MTA staff is here to help.

That all takes less than a 1/2 hour to do and after that, you are encouraged to spend 5-10 minutes a week keeping your profile intriguing to draw more customers in.

What kind of events should I add to my profile?

The possibilities are endless! Do you offer food? Do you have daily specials? How about bands? Game nights? Drink specials? Mixology classes? 

How is SWIG406 advertised?

MTA takes the lead in advertising SWIG406. We supply participating taverns:

  • Posters--several times a year
  • SWIG406 pens
  • Information cards to share with customers
  • Stickers
  • Coasters and/or other promotional items

Off-the-Wall Advertising frequently features SWIG406 ads in their monthly rotation. 

All SWIG406 advertising outside of bars is done digitally. We run multiple internet and social media campaigns a year focusing on the demographics that are most likely to use SWIG406. 

When you want more promotional material all you need to do is contact MTA (406.442.5040) and let us know what you need. 

How many free drinks will I have to give out?

The short answer is not as many as you think! Hundreds of people download the app to see what's happening at bars around the state but not everyone subscribes. What's the difference? You have to subscribe for $5/mo in order to redeem your app for a free drink. To date, bars have only redeemed a couple free drinks a month. If this starts to grow, we'll keep you posted.