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About SWIG406

Locally crafted drinks at local bars . . . that’s what SWIG406 is all about. It’s the chance to enjoy a Montana-crafted beverage at a Montana establishment.

Soak in the atmosphere, learn about the history, meet the people and enjoy the view! Montana local bars are as diverse as its people and we invite you to use SWIG406 to explore that diversity and find new favorites—taverns and drinks—all around this beautiful state. 

Learn more about SWIG406 and download the app at

Training for Tavern Admins of SWIG406

Video #1: Introducing SWIG406
This training video shows tavern owners and SWIG406 admins what the customer sees when using the SWIG406 app. It's an insightful video that will help you when you are developing your own SWIG406 profile. 

Video #2: Establishing Your Profile
This training video teaches participating tavern owners how to log-in to SWIG406 and perfect their profiles to drive more business through your doors.

Video #3: Optimizing Your Profile
This training video demonstrates how you can enhance your SWIG406 profile to be more alluring and interesting to customers. You'll learn how to add events and pictures to entice new visitors to your establishment. 

Posters and SWIG Swag

Need more SWIG406 posters, pens, stickers and the latest SWIG406 giveaways? Simply contact MTA at 406-442-5040. These items are free to participating SWIG406 bars.