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MT Distillers & Brewers Association--Who Are They?
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A new organization was recently launched, calling themselves the Montana Distillers & Brewers Association (MDBA), however, neither the Brewers Assn or the Montana Distillers Guild knew anything about them. So we partnered with those two associations to write a letter explaining to legislators and other interested parties, that there is no connection.

Dear Legislators and Industry Members

You may have recently heard of or been contacted by a new group purporting to represent those involved in craft alcohol creation and distribution in Montana, a group calling themselves the Montana Distillers and Brewers Association. We wanted to jointly reach out to you to clear up any confusion this nebulous group may be causing and to assure you all that we—the Montana Brewers Association, the Montana Distillers Guild, and the Montana Tavern Association—remain committed to working together for responsible alcohol regulation in Montana. We also want to make clear that this association that has cropped up this month is not associated with nor endorsed by any of our individual associations.

We all look forward to continuing to work with our fellow industry members and associated organizations as well as our esteemed elected officials to develop alcohol policy that works for all Montanans. Further, we are committed to being transparent and straightforward in our interactions with all of you. That’s the responsible, professional, and—quite frankly—Montana way to do business.


Nolan Smith                      Robin Blazer                        Dax Cetraro
President                          President                              President
MT Brewers Assn            MT Distillers Guild                 MT Tavern Assn

This MDBA group has since followed up with a letter of their own explaining they have engaged in conversations with "ranking members" of the Montana Tavern Association. As of Aug 30th, we can tell you that MTA Executive Director Margaret Herriges has never been contacted by them, nor has President Dax Cetraro or our Government Affairs Consultant John Iverson. From what we've seen so far, we do not believe they are friendly to our industry and we urge our members to be cautious if contacted by this group.